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RDX Technology Is a Great Data Protection Option for SMBs

RDX technology offers SMBs all the benefits of tape and disk in one solution.

If you follow the IT industry, you know that there is a running debate when it comes to tape vs. disk for backup. The truth is that there are benefits and proper uses for both technologies, but you also have to be a pretty large enterprise to be interested in that discussion. The good news for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) is that there is a great solution for you that combines the best of both worlds in a very cost-effective way called RDX technology.

Rdx technologyRDX technology takes what is good about tape storage — reliability, portability and long archive life — and combines that with the benefits of disk – speed, random access and ease of use. RDX stands for Removable Disk Technology and is a great way for SMBs to protect their data. With RDX, you invest in a dock – there are single dock systems or multiple slot libraries (up to 8 slots), depending on how much data storage you need. The dock is recognized as a disk drive on your system allowing you to perform full backups or drag and drop files to it as needed.

The cartridges themselves look like tape cartridges but are actually rugged, shock-proof hard drives that go in and out of the dock. They are designed to withstand a little abuse and are great for offsite storage. They can also be encrypted to provide security. RDX cartridges come in two varieties – either with a standard hard drive (HDD) or a solid state drive (SSD). The performance of the drives will differ based on the type of drive you choose, but generally hard disk drives will read and write data between 60 and 100MB/s while solid-state disks will read and write data up to 180MB/s.

The hard disk RDX cartridges come in 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, 640GB, 1TB and 1.5TB capacities while the solid state variety offer 64GB, 128GB, 256GB or 512GB capacities. Both types of RDX cartridges are rated for 5,000 load/unload cycles, which should give you years of use.

RDX technology is even a great alternative over NAS drives (Network Attached Storage), because NAS drives have a finite amount of storage while RDX offers you an effectively limitless amount of data storage.

How to get more information

PMI partners closely with Tandberg Data, the data storage company that owns the RDX technology, and can offer you unparalleled support if you are interested in an RDX solution. If you would like to get more information, contact me personally or leave a comment below and I will make sure you get a prompt, knowledgeable response to your inquiry.

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