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Save Money Printing With a Toner-Efficient Font

One way to save money printing is by using one of the three “toner-efficient fonts”, but what are these fonts and why are they cheaper to use?

toner and money saving font

As the federal government enters a period of automatic budget cuts brought on by the sequester, they are looking everywhere to find ways to save. They have now gone so far as to approve three “toner-efficient” fonts. How is that possible?

It is because certain fonts are made by grouping dots together instead of lines, and thus require less ink to create on a page. The Government’s purchasing department, the General Services Administration (or GSA) has approved three fonts as toner-efficient: Century Gothic, Garamond and Times New Roman.

We originally told you about this tip a few months ago (see our post: Tips to Implement Green Printing Practices in Your Small Business), but it is getting a little more coverage now that the government is on board, so I thought I would revisit it.

Switching to one of these toner efficient fonts could save the US government millions of dollars per year in ink purchases alone. According to the GSA, use of one of the approved fonts could yield up to 30% savings on printing costs.

The US government is huge, and changing to one of these fonts will likely yield them bigger savings than the same move would for a small business, but if your company prints a lot of documents, and you don’t mind using one of the selected toner efficient fonts, the savings could add up.

To change the default font setting in Microsoft Word select “Change Styles” from the “Home” tab tool bar. Then select the desired font and click “Set as Default.” To change the fonts in PowerPoint, select “Fonts” from the “Design” tab and select the desired font.


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